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barbecue party in dublin


Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane is chillin’ and grillin’ every summer. Enjoy a delicious BBQ in the summer sun in Whitaker Square located just behind the hotel. Private and shared BBQ nights are available through June, July, August and September.

Party packages are starting from €25 per person and include:

  • A glass of refreshing summer tall pimm’s cocktail on arrival;
  • 3 meats & a vegetarian option;
  • Salad bar;
  • Dessert;
  • Live entertainment;
  • 3 raffle prizes to be won on the night;

Party packages are based on a minimum of 50 guests per party.

With the unique set up on the night, we can cater for any BBQ come rain or shine. Two large marquees will be set up outside on Whitaker Square with the grill and bar set up under one each. Seating is placed out in the square with the possibility of reserving seats in the back of the hotel’s restaurant to allow for additional seating.

Our dedicated chef will be on hand to stoke up the BBQ and cook delicious food for your enjoyment. The carefully selected menus, with varying choices will be cooked to BBQ perfection. In addition, your event will have your very own bar person, whether it’s to pull the perfect pint or to shake up a cocktail, you can be guaranteed any thirsts will be quenched in the summer sun.

The hotel’s location near the IFSC and Grand Canal Square makes Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane the ideal venue to host your summer BBQ. Our professional team will ensure that your guests will be looked after well, so you could really make the most of the evening and make it a summer event to remember.

If you need more information or would like to add anything to your barbecue party, please contact the Sales Coordinator.


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