The Depths of Dublin Docklands

Staying in Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane? Let us take you on a trip down memory lane as we look at some amazing facts about the area our hotel is located, The Dublin Docklands! An area of Dublin enriched with such Irish history and culture!

The Jeanie Johnston

Our first stop takes us to one of Dublin’s most well-known landmarks, the “Jeanie Johnston”. Built in Quebec back in 1847 with the purpose to be used as a cargo ship, it would find itself to be used for a very different reason.  As the great famine gripped Ireland, the owners carried fleeing Irish emigrants to North America. It made 16 voyages in total, carrying over 2,500 Irish emigrants, and the fare to Quebec was a total of £3.10! The replica of the vessel is located on the Custom House Quay and is one of Dublin’s biggest tourist attractions!

Windmill Lane Studios

Next up it’s all things music as we take a look at a place that has been at the heart of Irish Music, that is Windmill Lane Studios. The studios are known to have hosted some of the most famous musical artists including U2, Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga and many more. Did you know the studios was nicknamed “The U2 studio”? In 1990 the location of the studios moved from Windmill Lane to the Ringsend Road leading to the original building becoming graffitied by U2 fans from all over the world, to pay pilgrimage to its historic connection with the band as it was where they recorded their early albums that put them on the map! A spot that cannot be missed on your Dublin city break!

The Home of the Black Stuff

Did you know that Ireland is home to the most famous stouts in the world? Guinness is a dark alcoholic drink that originated in Ireland back in 1759. In the 19th and 20th Century, the Guinness family moored ships for decades in the Docklands to deliver barrels of the stout to Great Britain and beyond. Indeed, one of these vessels, the M.V. Miranda Guinness was converted into the world’s first beer tanker, with a capacity of 205,000 gallons – or 1.87 million pints! Although you cannot visit the vessel, you can certainly enjoy a delicious pint of good Irish Guinness in our very own Vertigo Bar!

Luke Kelly of the Dublin Docklands

It’s back to music once more for another fact rich in Irish music culture as we talk about Luke Kelly, one of Ireland’s greatest musicians of all time! Here’s one you’re likely to hear at your next pub quiz! Did you know that the legendary Dubliner’s frontman Luke Kelly was born and raised in the Dublin Docklands?

The Dubliners have been called Ireland’s first urban folk group, and Kelly “a troubadour of the downtrodden”, and there’s no doubt his Docklands roots gave him an affinity with radical causes. The connection lives on through an extraordinary piece of art by the Royal Canal—an 8ft sculpture of Kelly’s head, his halo of red hair intricately replicated by hundreds of copper strands. A major cultural landmark of not only Dublin city but Ireland along with others such as the brilliant Phil Lynott!

Both sights that must be seen next time you’re exploring Dublin City!

The Docklands Diving Bell – No Pressure!

Last but not least we take a look at an instrument that helped construct the Dublin Docklands itself! The Dublin Diving Bell, is a piece of engineering art that was used for building deep water quay walls back in the 19th century – and believe it or not, it was still in use until the late 50s of the 20th century! Workers had to perform under literal pressure from the pressure of the water, being inside the Bell and furthermore building the Dublin Docklands! It is over 140 years old! You can visit the bell itself, located only a 2-minute walk from the hotel!

We hope you enjoyed our little history lesson on the wonderful Dublin Docklands! A place not only filled with such fun & adventure but also such a heritage in Irish history and culture!

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