Living green initiative

Caring for our Environment

Living Green is Clayton Hotels & Partners, an environmental movement that embraces the principles of Sustainable Development, wherein development meets the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of our future generations.

Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane is fully committed to conducting its operations in a style which minimises environmental risk and minimises adverse effects on the environment in which the Hotel operates.

Currently, we have made some changes and each time you visit us we hope you will see new initiatives being implemented. All our team is engaging in our Living Green programme and truly enjoying seeing the changes being made and the impact this is having on our environment.

Clayton Hotels Environmental Policy

Wildflower Garden

We are currently in the process of creating a wildflower garden on the grounds of our hotel. Although a small space, this will do the world of good in helping to attract and nourish wildlife such as birds, bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects. We believe that this is such an effective method of working for nature especially in an urban area.

Water Conservation

Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane is delighted to have partnered up with Irish Water under the Irish Water Stewardship program which has helped us introduce ways of ensuring water is significantly conserved in the hotel.

We have ensured taps in all bathroom facilities in the hotel are of low pressure, guaranteeing sufficient water is released from the tap to use appropriately but at a rate that is not wasteful. This is one of the many changes we have made in the hotel to save water.

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Public Transport

At Cardiff Lane we believe public transport plays a massive role in sustaining the well-being of the environment, reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which are heavily polluting our planet.

We are conveniently located near to a range of alternative methods of transport including Dublin Bikes, The Luas, Aircoach stops and many more. Check out how you can get around the next time you stay with us whilst doing your bit for the planet.

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Never Refuse to Reuse

At Clayton Cardiff Lane we are fully committed to ensuring a safe and healthy community for current and future generations by pursuing every method of re-using, reducing, and recycling possible. In order to do this, we have taken extra steps to ensure we achieve this such as:

  • Reducing the supply of single-use items such as disposable cutlery, plastic straws, plastic pens in meeting rooms, and many more.
  • Substituting traditional print marketing with digital marketing in every way possible.
  • Introducing further waste segregation systems throughout the hotel. This ensures waste is correctly segregated so certain items such as food can be converted into renewable energy for our planet.
  • The fitting of motion sensor lights is established in all bathrooms to guarantee they automatically turn off after 15 minutes when inactive.

And many more!

Green Tourism

Clayton Hotels have partnered with Green Tourism, a hospitality specialist environment accreditation partner. Green Tourism has completed “Energy & Sustainability Audits” in Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane with assigning the hotel accreditation as part of this process.

These audits are helping us prioritize the areas where we need to act. In tandem with this work, we have formed an “Environment Impact Team” made up of team members across hotel departments who are most passionate and desire to lead the implementation of a greener agenda at the hotel level.

Eco Friendly Activities

Electrical Vehicle Parking

The use of EVs can reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. There is a range of electric vehicle charging points located around the hotel. Locations include:

  • C7FWZ, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1
  • Thorncastle Street, Ringsend, D4
  • C73U1, Mark Street, Dublin 2
  • Jury’s Inn Custom House, Dublin 1

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The Future

Clayton Hotels & Partners are committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. If you would like to know more about our environmental movement, please click here.


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