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Hotel Gym Grand Canal Dock Dublin 2

Gym Grand Canal Dock Dublin

Club Vitae’s gym boasts an array of equipment, free weights and energetic classes. With such a variety, members and guests can create a workout tailored for them.

Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane believes guests and members deserve more than a treadmill tucked away in the hotel. At our hotel gym Dublin, Club Vitae, the opportunity to create a custom workout is easy with:

  • over 60 pieces of equipment
  • an array of free weights
  • upbeat studio classes.

For those looking for a little extra attention, one on one personal training sessions are available to both members and guests.


At Club Vitae Cardiff Lane, enjoy the best of nutrition with top of the range Optimum Nutrition supplements. Many supplements for pre and post workout, as well as weight control, are available to purchase at competitive rates in Club Vitae’s lobby where expert staff members are ready to assist with any questions.

Supporting guests and members with their healthy lifestyle is Club Vitae’s main priority. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are there to help every step of the way.

Gym classes in Dublin

Breaking a sweat is even more enjoyable with the energetic studio classes at Club Vitae, our Dublin 2 gym. Classes are available to both members and guests, providing everyone the opportunity to combine fitness and fun.

5 x 5

Increase strength with this ultimate body workout for serious gym goers.


Challenging body weight and resistance training class including cardio and core work.


Mix of low impact aerobics, toning & stretching exercises; for those new to exercise or active seniors.

Blast of Abs

An intense fifteen-minute class designed to strengthen and tone the core.

Callisthenics Training

Bodyweight training intended to increase strength, flexibility and agility.

Express Spin

Fun and energetic class with motivational music and a mixture of flat, hill and sprint intervals.

Flexibility & Mobility

Improve joint mobility using movement patterns and dynamic and static stretching.

Group PT

Group PT sessions with Gordon Ryan. For more information contact our reception.

Hardcore Circuit

Whole body workout focused on strength and condition.

Spin & Pump

High energy class with pumping music, perfect for those spinning enthusiasts.

Total Body Tabata

This fast paced, high intensity class is not for the faint hearted.

Weight Training Tech

Learn the basics of weight and bodyweight training improve technique.

Rip 60

The ultimate Core fitness workout at Club Vitae Dublin, this also offers a fantastic full body workout. Using both on and off strap movements, this workout delivers a unique and high calorie-burn workout, utilizing functional training with push, pull, trunk and lower body methodology.

Pure Spin

We use excellent Precore stationery bikes to create a high intensity non-impact cardio class. Use resistance, speed, and body movements to test your self to the limit.

Box N Tone

Low weight, high reps. Sculpt your body feel the burn in this fast and furious class.


This is a great all over body work out using the world famous Russian bells. Not for the faint of heart.

FITT Circuit

30 min non-stop jumping, lifting and pressing. A different routine every week.

Ass 2 Grass

Lose those stubborn pounds by working the problem areas tone.

Aqua Aerobics

A great low impact way to stay in shape, using drag and speed play to increase tone and stamina.


Strengthen your body and relax your mind meditate and connect with your inner self.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons which suit from non-swimmer to intermediate, so if you need the basics or just want to fine tune what you already know this is the class for you. Runs in 6 week blocks.


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